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About Verified News Network

Doing news differently

The news industry has been failing everyone for a long time.

So, you jumped ship. And I don’t blame you.

We left traditional news behind, too.

I started the Verified News Network to counter the social media rage machines.

At VNN, we believe news media can be informative, entertaining, uplifting, and responsible.

If you read or watch it on VNN, you know what you are getting has been verified for accuracy and relevance. You don’t have to struggle with sorting out fact from fiction.

You decide the news you want to see, and don’t want to see. And best of all, the sources of information are all right there – information transparency like never before.

Who is behind VNN?

Brittany Harlow grew up in Massachusetts. In 2008, she enrolled at Middlesex Community College to pursue a degree in journalism and broadcasting, while also pursuing an acting career in Boston.

A year later, Brittany moved to Oklahoma. After graduating from Northeastern State University, Brittany was hired as a content producer for KRMG’s Evening News with Dick Loftin on NEWS102.3 and AM740 KRMG in Tulsa.

She was promoted to full-time reporter in December 2014.

Brittany began her TV career with News12 KXII as an Ada bureau reporter in July 2015 and made her way down to the main station in Sherman, Texas, in June 2016. She was promoted to Weekend Anchor in January 2017.

​Knowing there had to be a better way for communities to work hand in hand with journalists, Brittany left KXII in June 2018 to help start VNN. This independent news organization uses the power of social media to connect news professionals with the people they are bound to serve. Stories within the Verified News Community are reflective of the diversity within all of our communities. Brittany works hard to amplify voices that have gone unheard in the mainstream media.

Brittany had her first child in March 2019 and became a foster parent in 2021. She knows finding a healthy balance between work and home life is important and enjoys helping others do the same. She also enjoys playing soccer and traveling in her spare time!

What VNN readers are saying

Finally an unbiased news source!

With all of the one-sided news out there, we finally have a new channel that gives the facts not opinions.


This is my new news resource, can’t wait to see it grow!!

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